Ivan Petrov

Principal Research Scientist, Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory
Adjunct Professor of Materials Science ,
University of Illinois
Professor of Physics at Linköping University, Sweden

104 S. Goodwin Avenue ,
Urbana, IL 61801 USA
tel: 617 717 4731, email: petrov@illinois.edu


Elected 2015 President of AVS

Chair of the Surface Engineering Division of IUVSTA 2007-2019

Editor of Surface and Coatings Technology

Special Issue Preface


H-factor - 66

Recipient of the 2013 John A. Thornton Memorial Award/Lecture click

Recipient of the R&D100 award as a co-inventor of the TEAM electron microscopy stage

2009 Doctor Honoris Causa from Linköping University, Sweden

Recipient of the 2009 Bunshah award and honorary lecture

Areas of Interest: Thin Film Physics, Microstructural and Microchemical Analysis, Surface Science, Plasma Physics, Physics of Ion-Solid Interactions, Sputter Deposition, Epitaxy

Papers, and Honors and awards
An invited review paper for the 50th anniversary of AVS


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