History and Architecture of the Rila Monastery

Aerial Views and Plans

(GP) (general plan) (plan of the Church of the Holy Virgin)

(MA) | (BG) |

The Dupnitsa Gate



(JP) (GM)
(NB) | (GF)

Church of the Holy Virgin

(JP) | (MA)
(NB) | (CC) | (JW)


(JP) | (MA) | (GF)

Hrelio's Tower (the oldest surviving structure in the monastery)

(GM) | (NB)

The Kitchen


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AB - Images by Antonio Bommino
BG - Images by Bulgaria.Com
CC - Images by Christopher Cain
GF - Images by Galen R. Frysinger
GM - Images by Grigor Margaritov
GP - Images by Georgi Petrov
JP - Images by Jorg Patscheider
JW - Images by John Wexler
MA - Images by Mariia Asparuhova
NB - Images by Niels Buthe


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