Metallic antiferromagnetic materials: ultrafast charge, lattice, and magnetization dynamics
Zhu Diao, Kexin Yang, Kathleen Oolman, Renee Harton, Kisung Kang and David G. Cahill
NSF MRSEC Grant no. DMR-1720633
In collaboration with Daniel Shoemaker (MatSE), Andre Schleife (MatSE), Gina Lorenz (Physics), Nadya Mason (Physics), Matthew Gilbert (ECE) and Axel Hoffmann (Argonne National Laboratory) we are working to advance fundamental understanding of the synthesis-structure-property relationships of metallic anti-ferromagnetic materials. Our goal is to answer open questions concerning the coupling of magnetic order, optical fields, electronic excitations, and lattice vibrations that underlie fundamental limits on the control of magnetization dynamics using ultrafast optics, ultrafast temperature excursions, and ultrafast currents of heat and charge. Specifically, we seek fundamental understanding, from close collaboration between theory and experiment, of limits to:

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