Ultrahigh thermal conductivity materials
Sushant Mahat, Akash Rai, Pinshane Huang and David G. Cahill
Office of Naval Research MURI
The goal of this multidisciplinary research program is focused on identifying and designing new materials with ultrahigh thermal conductivities. Recently, Broido and Reinecke identified new criteria that can give high thermal conductivity and predicted that one material, cubic boron arsenide (BAs) should have a remarkably high thermal conductivity comparable to that of diamond. However, synthesis of high quality BAs has proved challenging. We are collaborating with Li Shi (UT Austin), David Broido (Boston College), Gang Chen (MIT), Ni Ni (UCLA), and Zhifeng Ren (U. Houston) to grow high quality BAs and other high thermal conductivity materials such as cubic boron nitride. Highly sensitive characterization methods will be established to assess the prediction of ultrahigh thermal conductivity in BAs and other candidate materials as well as to provide understanding of the role of defects, carriers and boundaries in lowering thermal conductivity.

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