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Problem set #7; due Thursday, March 6, in class.
  1. A slit aperture of width 100 microns is illuminated by a large diameter He-Ne laser beam (632 nm wavelength). You collect the diffracted light with a 200 mm lens and image the diffraction itensities using a CCD detector placed at the back focal plane of this lens. Use MatLab to make a plot of how the intensity will vary as a function of position on the CCD camera along the direction perpendicular to the slit. (Since the length of the slit is long compared to the width, you can treat this as diffraction in one-dimension.)
  2. (a) How large of an objective lens on a telescope would be needed to read a automobile license plate from a spy plane flying at an altitude of 10 km? (b) How large of a focal length lens will be needed if the pixel size on the CCD camera is 10 microns?

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