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Problem set #4; due Thursday, February 14, in class.
  1. What are the point groups that describe the symmetries of the capital letters P 0 N and T? (See Fig. 2.3 in the textbook)
  2. Use Escher web sketch to create a 2D patterns that belong to the i) p2gg, ii) p31m, and iii) p6 plane groups. Print your patterns. (You may need to use "print screen" and paste the screen image into MSPaint or similar application. The application says you can save a PNG format file but I couldn't figure out how to use this feature.) On the print out, mark all of the symmetry elements in one unit cell.
  3. Exercises 3.1, 3.2 in the textbook.
  4. Consider a hypothetical base-centered cubic lattice. Show with drawings that this lattice is composed of a simpler primitive Bravais lattice. What type is this primitive lattice?

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