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Problem set #10; due Thursday, April 3, in class.
  1. Exercise 9.1
  2. Calculate the structure factor Fhkl for a zincblende crystal (cubic ZnS crystal structure). Zincblende has the cubic face-centered Bravais lattice and a basis of two atoms. You can assume that you already know that the reciprocal lattice will be a cubic body-centered lattice. (Therefore, the only strong diffraction peaks will occur when h, k, and l are all even or all odd.) Call the two atoms of the basis "A" and "B" and give your answer for Fhkl in terms of the atomic-scattering factors of the two atoms fA and fB. Interpret your result in terms of rules based on the odd or even values of h, k, and l; or rules based on the sum h+k+l. See if you need help with the crystal structure of zincblende.

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